Elegant but Edgy


Thanks so much for visiting our blog site! We are a husband/wife team with a passion for helping people capture their special moments! We love what we do and we believe that it shows in our work. One of the great things about being in the photography business is meeting so many great people. We are both known for our creativity and spontaneity which means that we will encourage you to use your imagination and don’t be surprised if we ask you to hop on one foot, jump in the lake, or bust a really funky move! It’s all good!!

Greg (an honorary Texan) grew up with a darkroom in his house, and has had a lifelong love for photography. It’s been a dream of his to start a photography business so that he can share his talent and passion with the world. Kim (a native Texan) grew up with a love for everything artistic especially painting and drawing, selling several paintings at a young age. She took photography classes in high school, but her love for photography was reignited when she met Greg (the very very best day of her life). We love photography, sports, movies, music, dancing, eating at Chuy’s, and especially our wonderful sons Ashton & Sterling.


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